Quickie® and Zippie® IRIS™ Product Updates


In an effort to continually improve our products to bring you the best in innovation and quality, we have made three improvements to the Quickie and Zippie IRIS rotation-in-space wheelchairs.

For reduced complexity and enhanced durability, the Quickie and Zippie IRIS wheelchairs' push-to-lock wheel lock has been redesigned with an updated mounting bracket and simplified wheel lock assembly. The new wheel lock extension handle offers improved fit and function with an ergonomic grip.

A new backrest saddle has been added to reduce "play" or movement within the backrest that may occur over time with use. This change also applies to the Quickie and Zippie TS wheelchairs.

Lastly, the attendant wheel lock bracket now features increased thickness in the areas that come in contact with mounting hardware for enhanced durability. Along with the thickening of the walls, the hardware will include a longer bolt, as well as washers.

These new options are also available as parts and may be retrofitted to wheelchairs ordered prior to July 1.

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