New High-Demand Options Now Available from Built-4-Me


The Built-4-Me team now offers four new options for Quickie and Zippie wheelchairs!

Pivoting Height Adjustable 5th Wheel for the Zippie Zone and Quickie Q7. This option helps increase independent mobility by providing greater maneuverability around obstacles and over curbs while maintaining rearward stability.

Topolino Carbon Core WX2.5 Wheels. At 2.5 lbs. per pair, the Topolino Carbon Core WX2.5 wheelset is one of the lightest on the market today. Their extremely light weight enhances overall independence and mobility, while making transport and storing much easier.

LTV Ventilator Alternative Mount. The LTV Ventilator Mount provides a more simplistic option for mounting an LTV Ventilator to virtually any Quickie or Zippie manual or power wheelchair.

Cup Holder. Here by popular demand! Our cup holder can be mounted to Quickie and Zippie manual wheelchairs and Quickie power wheelchairs. Is a caregiver assisting with mobility? We offer an attendant cup holder that mounts to the back of the wheelchair as well!

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