NEW: MONO Backrest System™ and JAY® Positioning Supports


The new MONO Backrest System, available exclusively on the Quickie® and Zippie® IRIS, features a single back post for limitless possibilities in positioning:

  • Allows backrest width to be selected separately from wheelchair base to accommodate clients with wider or narrower torsos
  • Eliminates interference between back canes, backrest hardware, and positioning components for unrestricted placement of lateral thoracic supports
  • Accommodates up to 2” of midline backrest offset
  • Improves range of motion for self-propulsion
  • Features optional dynamic function for controlled movement of the back
  • Offers 35° of angle adjustment and folds flat for transport

To learn more about the MONO Backrest System, visit the Quickie® IRIS and Zippie® IRIS web pages.

Our comprehensive portfolio of JAY Positioning Supports addresses mild to involved positioning needs:

  • Provides superior positioning of the head, upper body, pelvis, and lower body
  • Offers sizes and support levels to accommodate both pediatric and adult clients
  • NEW foot boxes in three styles protect clients from injury and skin breakdown
  • NEW arm troughs provide comfortable and supportive positioning for improved overall upper body posture
  • May be assembled on-chair at our manufacturing facility with the Quickie® and Zippie® IRIS

To learn more about the JAY Positioning Supports, click the link below.

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