New to the Quickie® Pulse™ Series: Switch-It, ASL, RAM Mounts, and Active Controls Options!


The compact, durable, and reliable Quickie® Pulse Series power wheelchairs make independent mobility possible with new specialty input device options and user accessories!

Specialty Input Device Options:

  • 15 new Switch-It® proportional and non-proportional specialty controls, including chin controls, head arrays, and mini buttons
  • 6 new ASL® proportional specialty controls, including micro mini joysticks and head arrays
  • New Quickie® Proportional Chin Joystick

Power Wheelchair Accessories:

  • RAM® Phone and Tablet Mounts allow mobile phones and/or tablets to be connected and disconnected for easy viewing
  • Active Controls Power Buddy provides an auxiliary USB power source for charging devices and optional LED lights for improved visibility
  • RAM® Mounts Self-Leveling Cup Holder uses gimbal system to keep drinks level during travel or when stopped on inclines
  • Active Controls ReCharge with Socket eliminates the challenges of connecting and disconnecting the battery charger by providing an easy-to-reach adapter
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