Today is the Final Day to Protect Access to Complex Rehab Wheelchair Accessories


The below email from Don Clayback, Executive Director of NCART, clearly explains the potential risk and harm associated with CMS applying CB pricing information to the fee schedule for CRT items. It is important that everyone make the decision to be actively involved regarding this issue. Please read Don's message and go to the embedded website for all the details you need to take action. Please share the message with colleagues and clinicians. Please, take action this week! Investing a small amount of your time will make a big difference in the level of success we have on this issue.

Rita Stanley
Vice President Government Relations
Sunrise Medical


CRT Stakeholders and Friends,

Time is running out. We need everyone following up this week!

We need you to get your House of Representative member to sign on the Congressional letter to stop CMS from applying competitive bid pricing to wheelchair accessories used on Complex Rehab wheelchairs effective January 1st. The signature deadline is next Wednesday, April 15th.

While life is full of uncertainties, there is one thing that is certain regarding this CRT issue. If Congress does not intervene, people with disabilities (Medicare beneficiaries and individuals in other state and private insurance plans) will lose critical access to CRT wheelchair accessories and CRT wheelchairs as a result of inappropriate payment cuts ranging from 20% to 50%.

The good news is we have gotten Congress’s attention. The fact that 6 leading members in the House of Representatives are circulating a BIPARTISAN letter to CMS is a great sign of Congressional support. Unfortunately, due to the major issues Congress was dealing with just prior to the Spring Recess it was hard to directly connect with most offices and we were only able to secure 44 signatures. A good start, but given the severity of this issue and the necessity for CMS to make this policy change, we need many more. And we can get them with YOUR FOLLOW UP.

We know there have been thousands of emails sent in the past two weeks. But the most important step is that these emails need to be followed up to a conclusion. And that conclusion is either a “YES we will sign”, or “NO we will not”. If you have already gotten a lengthy email response that included such comments as “we will keep your concerns in mind”, that is NOT a valid response. That is a generic email that offices send out automatically. You need to follow up with another email, or better yet a PHONE CALL, respectfully but firmly asking them to sign the House letter to CMS.

So please go to the dedicated website at and use the “Call Your Representative” link to get your member’s office number, review the suggested talking points, and make the call. The whole process should only take 10 to 15 minutes. Your investment of that time can get that signature.

There is a variety of related information on the website that you can review and share, including the House Letter and the Position Paper. You can also view the list of House members who have signed on already (I am also pasting that list at the bottom of this email). If your member is not on this list, you know we need your follow up this week to get them on.

Please make following up with your Representative a priority. Your emails and calls WILL make a difference and WILL very likely get your Representative’s name on this very important letter.

Thanks for finding the time to take action and please share this with others who are concerned with protecting access to CRT.


Donald E. Clayback
Executive Director | NCART
Office 716-839-9728 | Cell 716-913-4754 |

The National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology (NCART) works to ensure individuals with disabilities have adequate access to Complex Rehab Technology. For additional information contact Don Clayback, Executive Director, at or visit

House CRT Letter Signatures at 4-10-15
(By State)
1 AR R Westerman Bruce
2 CA D Lowenthal Alan
3 CA R Nunes Devin
4 CA D Thompson Mike
5 CO D DeGette Diana
6 CT D Courtney Joe
7 CT D Larson John
8 FL D Grayson Alan
9 GA D Johnson Hank
10 GA R Price Tom
11 IA D Loebsack Dave
12 IL R Bost Mike
13 IL R Davis Rodney
14 IL D Duckworth Tammy
15 IN R Buschon Larry
16 KS R Jenkins Lynn
17 KS R Yoder Kevin
18 KY R Guthrie Brett
19 MA D Keating Bill
20 MA D Lynch Stephen
21 MA D McGovern Jim
22 MA D Neal Richie
23 MD D Ruppersberger Dutch
24 ME D Pingree Chellie
25 MO R Long Billy
26 MO R Luetkemeyer Blaine
27 MS R Harper Gregg
28 NC R Duncan Jeff
29 NC R Ellmers Rene
30 NH D Kuster Ann
31 NY D Crowley Joe
32 NY R Hanna Richard
33 NY D Higgins Brian
34 NY D Slaughter Louise
35 NY D Tonko Paul
36 OH D Beatty Joyce
37 OH R Johnson Bill
38 OH R Joyce David
39 OH R Tiberi Pat
40 PA R Barletta Lou
41 PA R Kelly Mike
42 PA R Murphy Tim
43 PA R Thompson GT
44 RI D Cicilline David
45 RI D Langevin Jim
46 TN R Blackburn Marsha
47 TN D Cooper Jim
48 TN R DesJarlais Scott
49 TN R Fleischman Chuck
50 TX D Doggett Lloyd
51 TX R Flores Bill
52 WI R Kind Ron
53 WI R Sensenbrenner Jim
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