Introducing the Zippie® ZM-310™ Pediatric Power Wheelchair!


We are thrilled to introduce the new Zippie® ZM-310 pediatric power wheelchair!

  • Features our smallest mid-wheel-drive base and a 19" turning radius to allow children to maneuver through narrow spaces
  • 4-pole, 6mph motors keep up with kids' most energetic days
  • 13" drive wheels tackle obstacles and glide over uneven terrain
  • Seat sizes start at 10" x 10"
  • Power and manual positioning options include 50° of Power Tilt, 50° of Manual Tilt, and 40° of Manual Recline
  • Up to 12" of Power Seat Elevate help kids interact with peers at eye level
  • WC-19 Transit Approved

Watch Cameron explore his world with the ZM-310!

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