6 New Power Wheelchair Options to Enhance User Experience


The Quickie QM-7 Series, Pulse Series, and Zippie ZM-310 power wheelchairs now offer new options designed to provide an enhanced experience in both driving and operating various functions:

  • New Power Centermount Legrest option with 7.5" of articulation and 16" of independent lower leg length adjustment
  • PG Drives Advanced Color Joystick with easy-to-use, 3.5" display, paddle switches to control on/off and chair speed, and programmable shortcuts for custom control of other functions
  • Retractable Joystick Mount with 270° of adjustability to provide a comfortable position for users whose hands turn inward/outward, clearing tight spaces and corners, and accessing desks and tables
  • Ctrl+5 Buttons and Toggles provide convenient access to 5 seating functions, include a USB port to charge mobile phones and devices, and can be mounted in various locations, such as behind the backrest for use as an attendance control
  • Comfort Reclining Armpads offer a comfortable support surface and clean design
  • Switch-It Dual Pro proportional head array includes fine-tuned adjustments and customizations to provide the user an easy-to-learn, precise, and intuitive driving experience
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