Sunrise Medical Announces Enhancements to the Quickie QM-7 Power Wheelchairs Including SureTrac


FRESNO, Calif., January 4, 2017 — Today, Sunrise Medical unveiled the SureTrac Encoder Motor Technology, a new option available for the QM-7 Series mid-wheel drive power wheelchairs. SureTrac auto-corrects any small deviation in user driving making for an intuitive and straight ride with few input corrections. This option is ideal for riders using proportional control devices or all riders using specialty controls.

"The new encoder motor technology is a great addition to the Quickie QM-7 Series power wheelchairs," said Dan Critchfield, Sunrise Medical Senior Product manager for Power. "Our customers will enjoy the new driving control option and how it auto-corrects any small deviation to create a straight path, making it easier for a smooth, predictable, and comfortable drive."

SureTrac self-compensating drive control reacts to the resistance met by each wheel and sends each motor appropriate amperage to neutralize the impact of different textures such as hardwood floor and carpet, uneven, irregular terrain, slopes, and in small spaces. The rider gets superior maneuverability and greater independence.

QM-7 SERIES POWER WHEELCHAIR ENHANCED USER EXPERIENCE continues with these electronic options:

PG Drives Joystick with Built-in Bluetooth and Infrared Controls

The joystick's 4 quick-access and assignable buttons control different functions depending on the mode. Sync your chair with your TV, DVD, cable, or other environmental controls. Operating the various functions of a power wheelchair has never been this convenient.

Advanced Ctrl+5 Toggles and Buttons

Conveniently access up to 5 seating functions with the Ctrl+5 — a perfect combination with Memory Seating. Smart backlighting indicates the function in use and a convenient USB port allows you to charge mobile devices.

Switch-It® Dual Pro

The Dual Pro is a truly proportional head array with fine-tuned adjustments and customization to provide the user an easy-to-learn, precise, and intuitive driving experience. Fine-tuned, personalized adjustments enable users to quickly and easily adapt to driving with a head array.

For videos, images, and additional information on the SureTrac Encoder Motor Technology or the Quickie QM-7 Series power wheelchairs, please visit the QM-7 product page.

About Sunrise Medical: A world leader in the development, design, manufacture and distribution of manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, motorized scooters and both standard and customized seating and positioning systems, Sunrise Medical manufactures products in their own facilities in the United States, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, China, Holland, Poland, Norway and Canada. Sunrise Medical's key products, marketed under the Quickie, Sopur, Zippie, Breezy, Sterling, Jay, Whitmyer and Switch It proprietary brands, are sold through a network of homecare medical product dealers or distributors in more than 130 countries. The company is headquartered in Malsch, Germany, with North American headquarters in Fresno, Calif., and employs more than 2,000 associates worldwide.

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