Quickie & Zippie Customization

Looking for a custom built wheelchair?

You're in luck. At Sunrise Medical, all of our Quickie and Zippie wheelchairs are custom made to your exact measurements, specifications, and requirements.

There is no one out there exactly like you. You're unique. We get that and would never put you in a generic, one-size-fits-all wheelchair. See how our custom built wheelchairs are made-to-order just for you.


What you should know before ordering your new wheelchair

  • For best outcomes ensure that you are working in a collaborative/team environment with your therapist(s) and your Assistive Technology Provider (ATP).
  • Everyone is different so make sure you communicate your lifestyle, activities, and living conditions. Do you live in a 100-year-old home with narrow doorways? This is good information for the ATP or therapist to have.
  • A wheelchair clinic is not a true representation of the obstacles that you will face on a daily basis. Ask to trial several different configurations/options in multiple environments. To ensure the best match between you and new Assistive Technology. Plan to try it in as many different environments as possible in an attempt to simulate your everyday life.
    • Trial in tight quarters
    • Trial on multiple terrains
    • Transfer to/from wheelchair to YOUR bed, YOUR car, YOUR toilet, etc.
    • RTS – (Remember The Seasons). If you live in New York and attend a wheelchair clinic in June, remember to bring your winter clothes with you as well. Your wheelchair needs to accommodate your year-round needs – take as many as possible into consideration.
  • Don't be afraid to question the experts. If a member of your assessment team recommends a certain wheelchair dimension (width, depth, seat height, seat angle, etc.) that you don't agree with, SPEAK UP. You will likely spend the next 5+ years in your new wheelchair so it needs to be right!
  • Custom wheelchairs are just that...CUSTOM! This means that they are built to spec, therefore they cannot be returned. Because of this, some providers try to generalize the specs/dimensions to be more "forgiving." To optimize your independence and function, your wheelchair should be an extension of your body. Demand a custom fit, don't settle for "forgiving."

For more information please refer to the RESNA Wheelchair Service Provision Guide.

Which wheelchair can we build for you?

Quickie 2 ultra lightweight folding wheelchair

Our ultra lightweight folding wheelchairs offer a portable option with folding frames that collapse for easy transport.

Quickie 5R rigid ultra lightweight wheelchair

Our rigid ultra lightweight wheelchairs are perfect for the active lifestyle with maximum efficiency and precise control.

Quickie IRIS tilt-in-space wheelchair

Maybe you need a tilt-in-space wheelchair for better respiratory function and pressure relief.

Quickie QM-7 Series mid-wheel drive power wheelchair with SEDEO Ergo seating

Are you more of a power wheelchair person? Then you will be impressed with our mid-wheel drive power wheelchairs with SpiderTrac® 2.0 suspension.

Quickie S-6 Series rear-wheel drive power wheelchair

If rear-wheel drive is your preference, we have you covered. For outstanding indoor and outdoor performance and agility.

Zippie X'Cape pediatric folding wheelchair

All of our pediatric wheelchairs are custom built, too. Check out our Zippie manual wheelchairs as well as the power wheelchairs for children.