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J-Gel Cushion

Wheelchair cushion with skin protection and positioning for mild to moderate needs

The JAY® J-Gel wheelchair cushion features pre-contoured foam in combination with a gel overlay and is ideal for the client at low to moderate risk of skin breakdown, who requires mild support.

Replaced by the JAY X2 wheelchair cushion
JAY J-Gel Wheelchair Cushion


Frequently Asked Questions

The JAY cushion measurements have a tolerance of approximately 10mm. If this is an issue, please contact Technical Services.

The JAY fluid packs are made of a vegetable oil-based fluid and are not considered 'gel'. They form well around a client's posture and are excellent at promoting skin protection.

The fluid pads in JAY cushions may become stiff after 4-5 years of consistent use and will require a direct replacement.

Yes, it has a water-resistant quality to protect the inner foam/gel/urethane.

Adductor wedges are designed to bring the knees closer together. An abductor support is designed to spread the knees. An abductor is also called a pommel.

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